About the Project


Thanks to the following generous sponsors for making "Ralph Blakelock: The Artist and the Archives" website possible.

Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research

Prem Paul's office provided the project with an Arts & Humanities Research Enhancement grant. Without these funds, Ralph Blakelock: The Artist and the Archives would remain a dream.

Sheldon Museum of Art

The Sheldon Museum of Art houses both the Sheldon Art Association collection founded in 1888, and the University of Nebraska collection, initiated in 1929. Together they comprise more than 12,000 works of art in all media. This comprehensive collection of American art includes prominent holdings of 19th-century landscape and still life, American Impressionism, early Modernism, geometric abstraction, Abstract Expressionism, pop, minimalism and contemporary art. The Sheldon has graciously allowed us to use Blakelock images from their collections, including the signature item, Heavy Wood, Moonlight.

University of Nebraska Press

As a publisher of exemplary scholarly and popular books for more than sixty years, the University of Nebraska Press actively encourages, develops, publishes, and disseminates first-rate, creative literary work, memoirs, and the results of national and international scholarly research in several fields. Among its publications is Beyond Madness: the Art of Ralph Blakelock, 1847-1919.