The Woodcutter's House

TitleThe Woodcutter's House
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions9 x 16
SignatureR.A. Blakelock [underlined] lower right
Current OwnerPrivate Collection
URL of Owner
Provenanceartist; * * * *; Roland Roy Conklin, 1894; Mrs. Stillwell, 1920; Mr. A. Weston Smith, 1924; Mrs. Earl Fischer, 1933; Dr. Ralph J. Nold, MD, Norfolk, VA, 1968
PublishedGESKE-1976, p 125 ill; DAVIDSON-1989, p 66 ill
ExhibitedGESKE-1975, Cat 2 p 63 ill.
Subject DescriptionA clearing in a wooded landscape. The immediate foreground has a number of tree stumps, a wooden bridge leads across a ditch to the middle ground where there are three trees at the left and one fallen tree. At center a man with an axe over his shoulder. A log cabin with a second figure in the open doorway. To the right of the house a partially cleaned area with a number of trees bare of foliage. The middle distance is thickly wooded with a drop in the ground at center opening to a view of the distant horizon.
ConditionCanvas appears to have been cleaned and varnished. Heavy contraction crackle in foreground.
Infra-redNothing of significance.
UltraVioletNothing of significance.
ColorPicture has an unusually cool palate, grays and blues throughout, contrasted with warm tones of foreground. The painting of the two trees at the left is conspicuously precise and detailed.
X-rayFine textured canvas, no discernible ground coat.
Additional Examination Notes