Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions36 1/4 x 29 1/4
Signature"R.A. Blakelock" lower left
Current OwnerPrivate Collection
URL of Owner
ProvenanceArtist; Lew Bloom between 1889-1892; Mrs. S. W. Tuttle; Young; Mrs. Theodore C. Keller; AAA. 1935; Hirschl and Adler; Mrs. Jacob M. Kaplan, New York, 1960
PublishedLinda Bantell, The Alice M Kaplan Collection, N.Y., Columbia University Press, 1981, Cat 85 p182 ill
ExhibitedAAA January 4, 1935; Art Gallery of Toronto, 1961; Winnipeg Art Gallery Association, 1961; Vancouver Art Gallery, 1961; Whitney, 1961; Gallery of Better Living, New York World's Fair, 1964; Whitney, 1972; GESKE-1975; ACA Galleries, N.Y., 1978
Subject DescriptionTall tree rises from bank of the river or lake at right. Lower foliage on bank near foreground left and at left. Stream framed by trees right and left, middle distance center. Two teepees and tethered horse under tree at right, full moon upper center partially screened by branch of tree.
ConditionGenerally good, surface shows general crackle, sky painted into trees, a darker color over a lighter one, producing an exceptionally lacy effect.
Infra-redSharpens compositional detail and signature, R.A. Blakelock within an arrowhead at lower left. Also emphasizes the underlying brightness of the sky and other areas.
UltraVioletNothing of significance.
ColorThe prevalent atmosphere of the picture is a sharp blue-green. It seems possible that the picture has been somewhat over cleaned at some time in the past.
X-rayReveals irregular pattern of the ground and the density of the overall crackle pattern.
Additional Examination NotesPainting was studied at the Brookhaven Laboratory by neutron autoradiography on April 28, 1975.