Mediumoil on wood panel
Dimensions15 9/16 x 24
Signature"R.A. Blakelock" in red, lower left
Current OwnerNational Museum of American Art
URL of Owner
CityStateWashington, DC
ProvenanceMacbeth; William T. Evans, by 1902; gift to National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington D.C. 1909
ExhibitedUnion League Club, N.Y., 1903; Lotos Club, N.Y., 1906; National Arts Clubs, N.Y., 1906; Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., 1907-1909; Smithsonian Institution, National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., 1910; Vose Gallery, Boston, 1917 (?); M. H. DeYoung Memorial Museum, San Francisco, 1935; Blair Housem Washington, D.C., 1957-58
Subject DescriptionHorizontal rectangle. Wooded landscape. Full moon slightly right and center appears behind leafy branches. Large trees to left and right. Sky is subdued golden at center, turning greener toward top and upper right. Foliage dark browns.
ConditionNotes from Curator's file: "Restored in 1964 by Mr. Henri Courtais (reduction of accretions of varnish and inpainting as necessary to remedy damages). "Condition, 1968. Pronounced warping of panel (convex warp, from top to bottom). Extensive inp
Additional Examination NotesStudied at the Brookhaven Laboratory by neutron photography on April 28, 1975. *Examination by Mr. Thomas Carter, NCFA Conservation Lab, 12/7/72: "Convex warp from top to bottom. Poor. Surface degraded by alteration of paint structures. Wrinkling movement of paint layers. Traction cracking. Pitts or bubbles. Extensive retouching throughout. Original appearance difficult to imagine."